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Electric Grease Lubricant Pump

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Zhengzhou Chaofan Valves and Control Co., Ltd.
Henan, China
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Main Products: Pneumatic Actuator
Model No.: WEG Place of Origin: China

Product Description

Customer Question & Answer

Electric Grease Lubricant Pump
Electric Grease Lubricant Pump
Electric Grease Lubricant Pump
WEG type electric grease lubricant pump

WEG type electric grease lubricant pump is a lubricating device specially developed by our company for the equipment with large flow requirement. The pump belongs to plunger pump,high output pressure, large flow, compact structure, reliable performance,easy maintenance. The pump usually consists of a progessive lubrication system with a progessive distributor etc. It is widely used in large and medium-size equipment such as  construction machinery,forging machine,port machinery, heavy machinery, mining machinery.

Performance feature
1.This sereis pump can be equiped with up to 3 plungers at the same time, 3 plungers can be equipped with 3 sets progressive distributor at the same time,aslo can supply oil directly to the lubrication point.This series pump can collect three pump unit flow to one oil outlet, the oil output can reach 27cc per minute, suitable for situations requiring large amount of lubricating oil.
2. The oil outlet  can be equipped with shock-proof pressure gauge to observe whether the lubrication system is in normal use and to find faults in time to ensure the normal operation of the main host equipment.
3. The oil outlet is equipped with a safety relief valve, which can protect the lubrication systime and ensure the normal operation of host equipment.
4. A variety of voltage are available 220VAC/50HZ, 380VAC/50HZ.

Technical parameter
Nominal pressure: 25 Mpa
Nominal capacity: 9cc/min
Moter power: 120W
Range of grease usage:NLG1000-2#

Electric Grease Lubricant Pump
Electric Grease Lubricant Pump
Electric Grease Lubricant Pump

Zhengzhou chaofan valves and control Co.,ltd., founded in 2007, which is a technology industrial limited company with registered capital up to 50 million RMB, is professional in the design, production, and sales of valves, pneumatic actuators and instrument valves.
The company is located in valve industrial park, gaoshan town, xingyang city, henan province, China, its floor area more than 26668 M2 and buliding area more than 20000 M2. There are 6 professional valve engineers with bachelor degree above,11 technicists with college specialized schools, and more than 160 emplyees. There are quality control department, research department, personal department, management, stock department, financial department, independent group of the general manager. Automatic control valve is widely used in petroleum, food, chemical,oil refining, papermaking, steel, thermal power plant, shipbuilding, waster water treatment, waste gas recovery and other industrial automatic control pipeline, Instrument valve is widely used in petroleum, chemical, nature gas, thermal power, nuclear power, papermaking, food, semiconductor,TFT,LNG and other instrument valve control pipeline.
In 1991, the company passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification and obtained the import an export qualification of foreign trade.
In 1995, it was awarded "enterprise civilized unit"by henan provincial government and "henan consumer quality assured brand".
On the 10th anniversary of the company's establishment in 2000, we invited people from all walks of life to hold a large scale seminar on "automatic control valve"in zhengzhou.
Since 2016,the company has obtained ten national design patent certifcates.
In 2009, the company was rated as one of the top ten"excellent units"by "henan yudong chamber of commerce".
In 2016, the company registered brand trademark"zhengchao"was selected as  the famous trademark of henan province.
The company make chaofan people with "humanistic, scientific, spirit , modern concept, harmonious development". At the same time,the chaofan people has won the praise of new and old customers with the superior, high quality after-sales service, reasonable price, accurate delivery time, win-win business philosophy.

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